Gas Turbines

We have been a reliable partner to market leaders for decades. We provide expendable items up to complex components made of high grade alloys. We go along with our customers at every stage of their products and support them from prototyping throughout serial production.  

Gas Turbines

Our business is based on decades of experience over generations in manufacturing of hot gas path parts (made to resist temperatures up to 1'200 degrees Celsius) for Industrial Gas Turbines. We are able to manage complex projects and understand the needs of our customers. Our involvement from the first design concept ensures the most efficient and economical way to bring your components into serial production.

Our strength lays in the manufacturing of highly demanding components typically used in the combustion chamber of gas turbines. In addition, we process sheet metal to seals used along the hot gas path.

In addition to our core competences, we maintain a supplier network, which enables us to have flexible and innovative processes available for you. For example: vacuum brazing, heat treatment, ECM, electron beam welding, thermal barrier coating (TBC), various hard face coating, hydro-forming and various special inspection methods.

Overview of the components:

  • Front segments
  • Burner
  • Locking pieces for turbine blades
  • Volutes
  • Flame tubes
  • Ducts
  • Guide vanes
  • Seal strips