Material Experience

We love metal

Since the 50s of the last century, we have gained valuable experience in working with stainless steel, titanium and superalloys. The processing of rare nickel and cobalt based alloys has become one of our core competencies, making it one of the main reasons why we are now a successful supplier to the major OEMs in our industries. The most commonly used superalloys are: Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Nimonic®, Waspaloy®. We are passionate about working with these materials and expanding our expertise to understand the materials - a little better every day. Metal is far from being a lifeless or boring material. It can be stubborn, tough, flexible, hard or soft, or even almost unworkable, making it highly sophisticated. These are exactly the qualities we are looking for.

That’s why we love metal!

Material thickness 0.25 - 35mm

High grade aluminum                    Heat resistant alloys:
and Titanium alloys:

2024                                                     Haynes 25            Nimonic 75 

5065                                                     Haynes 188          Nimonic 80A 

6061                                                     Haynes 230          Nimonic 90

7075                                                     Haynes 282          IN 600

                                                              Hastelloy - X          IN 718

                                                              Waspaloy               IN 738

                                                              Rene 41                 IN 625