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When we started our activities in the space market with a co-development project for Ariane 5 carrier rocket, our processes have been driven by functional reliability combined with weight optimized design. Projects have been realized in close cooperation with our customers and leading research institutes.

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Franke Industries started the activities in Space





Franke Industries started the activities in Space in a Co-Development project with the predecessor organization of Arianegroup. The goal was to establish the Nozzle Extension connected to the AESTUS Engine Ariane 5 upper stage.


The solution was created on the application of a Cobalt-Based Alloy. Our Know-How in forming (rolling and expanding) combined with TIG welding, NonDestructive Testing and machining made the task to a successful story.


Special Acoustic Absorber in Aluminum were developed in close collaboration with RUAG Space and installed for a long period in the payload fairing Ariane 5.


Franke Industrie AG participates in R&D Projects with Arianegroup and Fraunhofer Institute: Special High Heat Resistant components for Space application.








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