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Forming is one of the basic processes of Franke since 1911 and has been developed to the technical limits of feasibility.

 Deskall Master

The next step in expanding capability

A few years ago, we invested in a new Inside/Outside Expanding press. The technology is well known in automotive industry and million times proven its repeatability and competitiveness. Our customers in the Gas Turbine as well as in the Aero Industry will profit from its ability to easily produce Flame Tubes, Combustors and similar parts quickly and precisely. Due to the expanding process the amount of weld seams and process steps can be reduced. Therefore, we provide faster and more accurate production with less costs. 



  • Deep drawing
  • Inside / Outside Expanding
  • Rolling
  • Edge Bending
  • Spin Rolling

In addition to our proven forming processes, we can offer the important and rare process spin rolling up to 3.5 m in diamenter.

Spin Rolling

Inside/Outside Expanding press at a glance

The expanding press works with a total of 16 tool segments which expand the part during the process from both sides (inner and outer). To achieve very close tolerances and to ensure the accuracy of the form, the part rotates while being formed.

  • Diameter: 220 - 650 mm
  • Forming length: up to 400 mm
  • Press capacity: 320 t
  • CNC controlled
Forming Steel Sheet
Forming Fabric
Forming Near

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